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Friday, 25 September 2015

Writer Vickie McDonough On Reading

Vickie, welcome to Writers on Reading! With a seemingly endless list of Historical novels to your credit, I’m curious to know what you read. So…I think it’s a safe bet than when picking your next reading adventure, the old west draws you in as it does in your writing. Do you find one theme more repeatedly snags your attention as a read?

A theme I often write about is that God dreams bigger dreams for us than we can dream for ourselves. 

Is there something special you seek when selecting your next reading adventure?

Most of the books I read are historical fiction set in the late 1800s. I have my favorite authors, but it’s always fun to discover a new one. Westerns, cowboys, ranchers, mail-order brides, and marriages of convenience are topics that snag my attention.

What was the most out-of-character book you’ve recently read, and what led to your choice?

I sometimes read contemporary suspense books. I recently read a good one by Margaret Daley, The Knight and the Damsel about an ex-bull rider turner rancher who subs as a rodeo clown to try to discover who is sabotaging the livestock used in the rodeo. Yes, it has a cowboy, but it was a suspense. It’s a very good story. I have been known to ride a Scottish or Irish historical novel.

Sounds like a good book. As a writer, you should know better, but as a reader, you know we all do it…so, when did you last “judge a book by the cover”?

It’s a shame that we do judge books by their covers. Authors generally have little to say about the covers unless you’re a big-name author. We fill out art sheets with info about our stories, but then we have to turn it over to the art department.

Well, not to butt in, but you're covers seem to have come out great! So, how did it work out last time you judged a book by its cover?

It turned out well because it was a western romance.

Psst .99 cents click on Amazon!

Frontier Hearts: An Historical Christian Western RomanceCollection, just released a few days ago (and is .99, folks). And if I am keeping track properly your The 12 Brides of Christmas Collection: 12 Heartwarming Historical Romances for the Season of Love, releases less in a few weeks.  And then you have Joline's Redemption coming out on Nov 1…So my burning question: do you find time to read during the months you spend writing a book or with deadlines ahead is it either/or for you?

I should probably mention that A Pioneer Christmas is a rerelease. It originally came out several years ago. If I’m on a tight deadline, I don’t usually have time to read at all. The rest of the time, I almost always have a book in progress.

If so, what did you read while working on your last book? If not, what did you read when you finished this one?

I’ve read several books since my September 1st deadline. Dakota Child by Linda Ford, Now and Forever by Mary Connealy, and Her Convenient Cowboy by Lacy Williams.

What was the last book you absolutely couldn't put down?

Time restraints and obligations rarely allow me to read a book straight through, but all three of the books mentioned above were great and kept me quickly turning the pages.


Exciting plots and great characterization.

Yep, that’ll do it. Great recommends, Vickie. Did a book recently make you laugh/cry/sigh/shiver?

Dakota Child made me shiver in the beginning when the heroine was lost in a snowstorm and then was rescued by a man of questionable character. Mary Connealy’s book always make me chuckle at some point, and Lacy William’s book are so stinkin’ good that I hate for them to end.

Were you the kind of kid/teen who loved reading? Which novel do you first remember reading?

I did love reading when I was young. I don’t remember my first book, but I read everything that had a horse on the cover. J I also read most of the books in the Nancy Drew series and some of the Boxcar Children books.

When did you know you wanted to write?

I never planned to be a writer, but a story started coming to me and wouldn’t go away. It would keep me awake at nights, and when you’re raising four sons, you need all the sleep you can get. I decided to write out the story in hopes it would go away. That was
my first book. As soon as I finished it, another story came, and I had to write it down. By then, I had begun wondering if God was trying to get my attention. I started attending writers’ classes and conferences to learn the craft of writing. It took a while, but I eventually got published.

Oh, that’s hilarious, a writer who wrote to make it stop! My next question was going to be if any or multiple books influence this desire, but I can already see my answer. One of your books instigated it all by itself! So, moving on, has any book stuck with you recently? What created the lasting impressions?

With a cozy fall coming up, what is on your to-read list?

I have a whole stack of historical novels and some books on writing that I want to read.

And what is your ideal autumn reading experience?

Sitting in my recliner, with a Coke at hand, and reading all day. I’d say it would be nice to have a fire going, but it’s rarely cold enough in Oklahoma for that during fall.

Uh-huh, another Coke drinker. Cheers, my friend! Sounds like a great experience. Is there a book you are looking forward to rereading?

The book I’ve read the most is A Gown of Spanish Lace by Janette Oke. I’ve read it four times. To this day, I can still remember the strong reaction I had at a certain point in the book. I can remember saying, “No. No!” and  wanting to throw the book against the wall at the unexpected plot twist. I didn’t though and kept reading and was soooo glad I did. I think it’s about time to read it again.

Hah! I read that one too, I do remember that feeling, though it must be over twenty years ago… Thanks so much for visiting and letting us get to know you better as a reader, Vickie! This was such a fun interview! Folks, you can continue to connect with Vickie—and find out more about her books—at the links below.


Vickie has been married forty years to Robert. They have four grown sons, one of whom is married, and a precocious nine-year-old granddaughter. When she’s not writing, Vickie enjoys reading, antiquing, watching movies, and traveling. To learn more about Vickie’s books or to sign up for her newsletter, visit her website:  www.vickiemcdonough.com


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