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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Writer Yvonne Lehman On Christmas Reading

Yvonne, welcome to my Christmas series of Writers on Reading. I’ve been looking forward to these interviews like—well, excuse the cliché—but a kid at Christmas! While you’ve written Christmas novels, you mentioned that there is a story really close to your heart, can you tell us about it?

Instead of one of my novels, More Christmas Moments is the book I want to mention and hope others read. This is the fifth book in the Moments series. Each has an average of 50 stories written by 40-50 authors. Lives have been touched and changed by authors revealing their hurts, losses, joys, and faith. Lives have been enriched by stories of Christmas memories and experiences. Each focuses on the true meaning of Christmas. Some are written by established writers. Some stories are the first publication of an author.

Sounds like the kind of Christmas reading that would really leave a reader uplifted. Thanks for sharing, Yvonne. What do you look for when selecting a Christmassy novel or novella to cozy up with this month? 

My favorite is a romance, with a Christmas setting. The theme of revealing God’s love, and a story of human love, is such a great combination.

Oooh, yes, that does produce delightful reading. Is there an element of these books that you’d feel cheated if it wasn’t there? Or something special you like to add to your Christmas stories?

I love a Christmas story that includes the snow beginning to fall on Christmas Eve. There’s just something romantic and wonderful about that. But I’ve written several novels with a Christmas setting and particularly like the one I set in Hawaii. No snow and Santa arrived in his canoe. Setting is important, but more than that, it’s the love and faith and hope that gives life to a story.

Over the years, has any Christmas novel or novella really stuck with you that you’d like to share with our readers? And is there one you’re looking forward to rereading?

Although my love is fiction, I recommend these Moments books because of what they mean to the writers and the readers. Some use them as devotional books. Others choose stories to incorporate the meaning into their daily living, such as praying specifically. Some call to say they really identify with a particular story. One writer could never get her family to listen about Jesus. But they read her article, began to talk with her, and the entire family accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. These books are Divine Moments, Christmas Moments, Spoken Moments, Precious Precocious Moments, and More Christmas Moments.

Thank you for sharing those Moments and this moment with us, Yvonne. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your Christmas reading. Folks, you can learn more about Yvonne Lehman and her books at the links below.

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