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Friday, 18 March 2016

Writer Marilyn Turk On Reading

Marilyn, welcome to Writers on Reading! Your debut novel, The Gilded Curse, released mere days ago and looks sumptuous. I’m curious…as a reader are you drawn toward the genre you read in? Do you find one theme more repeatedly snags your attention as a read? Is there something special you seek when selecting your next reading adventure?

I love historical fiction, especially Civil War era books, but I read all historical eras.

Good choices! What was the most out-of-character book you’ve recently read, and what led to your choice?
A contemporary suspense, whodunit. I don’t like to read about murders, but I try to choose a variety for my book club, because they don’t all like historical and some like more contemporary suspense or mystery, so I try to stretch my reading selection.

As a writer, you should know better, but as a reader, you know we all do it…so, when did you last “judge a book by the cover”? How did it work out?

Probably Lisa Wingate’s book, The Story Keeper, which I enjoyed immensely and bought her next book as a result.

Do you find time to read during the months you spend writing or with deadlines ahead is it either/or for you? If so, what did you read while working on your last book? If not, what did you read when you finished this one?

I always have a book that I’m reading. I think it helps keep my mind in gear.

What was the last book you absolutely couldn't put down? Why?

The Sea Keeper’s Daughters by Lisa Wingate. I like the way she combines historical with contemporary so I have two story lines to keep up with.

Did a book recently make you laugh/cry/sigh/shiver?

Well, I just read Esther, by Angela Hunt, and it made me shiver because of the
horrific things that people did to people during that time period in Persia.
I cried when I read Dan Walsh’s book, Rescuing Finley – it’s a sweet story.
And I laughed when I read Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin and also laughed when I read Promises to Keep by Ann Tatlock – both books I loved.

Thanks for the great recommendations! Were you the kind of kid/teen who loved reading? Which novel do you first remember reading?

As a preteen I read Nancy Drew and loved those books.

When did you know you wanted to write? Did any or multiple books influence this desire?

I’ve wanted to write devotionals for a long time because I like reading them. I suppose my writing style is a combination of Nancy Drew and historical because I read a few historicals as an older teen, such as The Silver Chalice, Captain from Castille, and Ramona.

With a spring just sprung upon us, what is on your to-read list? And what is your ideal spring reading experience?

I love to read sitting under an umbrella at the beach. That’s got to be my most favorite setting. Fortunately for me, the beach isn’t far away, but with family responsibilities, I often don’t have that leisure. I’m looking forward to reading Once Beyond a Time by Ann Tatlock and The Inn at Ocean’s Edge by Colleen Coble.

Is there a book you are looking forward to rereading?

No. Not enough time to reread with all the books I want to read.

If the antagonist/protagonist in one of your books were to pick a book from today’s shelves, what do you think it would be?

That’s a hard one to answer. I think I’ll pass on this one.

Thanks so much for visiting and letting us get to know you better as a reader, Marilyn! Folks, you can continue to connect with Marilyn Turk—and find out more about his/her books!—at the links below.

Marilyn Turk Bio
Marilyn Turk has been published in Guideposts magazine, Guideposts books - A Joyful Heart and A Cup of Christmas Cheer, The Upper Room, Clubhouse Jr. Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Lighthouse Digest magazine. Her book, Lighthouse Devotions was published in 2015, and The Gilded Curse, a historical suspense novel, was released this month. Her weekly lighthouse blog can be found at http://pathwayheart.com. She lives in Florida with husband Chuck and enjoys boating, fishing, tennis, and gardening when she’s not climbing lighthouses or playing with her grandsons.

In 1942, Lexie Smithfield becomes the only heir to her family’s dwindling fortune after her brother is killed at Pearl Harbor. A mysterious telegram beckons her back to Jekyll Island. Ten years before, the family quit coming to the exclusive Millionaire’s Club after tragic events convinced her mother the island was cursed. Club Superintendent Russell Thompson knows the truth, but he swore never to tell. Will he and Lexie discover the real danger before it’s too late?